For security reasons, all of the registration form pages on have pre-set time limits for completion. This is because each page contains personal information about a user and any dependents. As such, it is vital that the details on that page (such as credit card numbers) become inaccessible if for some reason a registration is abandoned or otherwise left idle.

For the checkout screen:
  • There is a time limit of 15 minutes to complete check-out; there is no keep-alive functionality. Customers have 15 minutes to finish once they reach the checkout page. The checkout is a common page for people to idle as they go look for their wallet and get distracted.
  • If a customer takes longer than 15 minutes, the system will display a “session expired” message at the top of the cart page. The customer can complete registration by resubmitting the same information on that page.
  • If a customer needs to go back and edit the cart (change the tuition or session options, for example), then the 15 minutes restarts again when the customer reaches checkout the next time.
If registrants are receiving error messages that do not seem to fit the above criteria, please have them forward to you the details the technical support team needs to start an investigation.

This would include:
  • Customer’s username
  • Web browser being used
  • Date and approximate time(s) of the occurrence
  • The actual error message (a screenshot is extremely helpful)
  • Any other unique details about the registration

When this information is compiled, please alert the technical support team with all the details so that it is possible to trace issue back to its origin.

Please see also Registration Form time limits for additional information.