Often customers will ask whether or not we have a reservation system in place. They want to know whether we will hold something they add to their cart or whether it is "first come, first serve". Here is information you can share with your customers about how this works:
  • The system does reserve a spot based on whether someone has added something to their cart
  • The reservation begins as soon as someone clicks the add button next to a camp offering and stays that way for 15 minutes. 
  • If the checkout is not complete within 15 minutes, the reservation is forfeited and the spot may no longer be available
  • Note: Due to the way the system processes reservations, a class that is seen as full will begin wait listing. If the reserved spots are then canceled later on (either by actively leaving the registration or letting the form time out), but a waiting list has already been created, new participants will continue to be put on the wait list until they are manually moved into the session.

If you need to manually move someone from a wait list into the session, you may follow the steps here: Register Participant from Waitlist After Spots Become Available

If you need general information about registration form timeouts, you may find that information hereNEW Registration Form Time Limits