If a participant requests to be withdrawn from a session or you are no longer offering a session, you can cancel a participant’s registration.

To cancel a registration:

  1. Select People tab
  2. Search and select account or participant name
  3. Select order number containing registration
  4. Select Cancel from Actions drop-down menu
  5. (Optional) Input Charge a cancellation fee amount
    • Note: This option is only available if payments are made. If no refund is needed, please enter the full amount of the registration. 
  6. Continue
  7. (Optional) Select Reallocate credit to be held in the family’s credit balance 
    • Note: Only check the box if you want to keep the credits in family account for future use, do NOT check this box if you want to issue refund back to registrants' credit card.
  8. Review Order summary and Credit to be refunded
  9. Input organization credit card information
    • Note: Only required at time of first refund by organization. Use this article: Request for Credit Card for additional information
  10. Submit
Note: Refunds are always processed to the original payment method used
Note: Cancel a membership, refer to Cancel a Customer's Membership
Note: If alert below pops up at the end of cancellation process, please refer to Refund Limit or Contact Us
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