The first time a refund request is submitted through Camp & Class Manager, the system will prompt for a credit card from your organization. The credit card is kept on file in ACTIVE in the event that the amount of refunds processed in a pay period exceeds the amount of revenue, meaning that you have sent out more money in that period than taken in with registrations.

If this happens, ACTIVE will cover those refunds for you, but at some point, the balance to ACTIVE must be returned. Generally, this is recovered by deducting from the next pay period or by an invoice generated from our Accounts Receivable department. In most situations, the credit card will never be charged, except in rare circumstances when the money cannot be collected through other methods first. 

To summarize - at the end of a billing period:

  • If the balance is positive, ACTIVE sends you a payment for the amount less any registration fees, processing fees, discounts, coupons, and refunds. This is the most common scenario.
  • If the balance is negative, ACTIVE will collect the money by either a future deduction, invoice, or charge to the credit card on file. 

To review a pay period's balance, click on ACTIVE Account Statement in the Finance tab or Home page.