When a session is full and there are zero spots available, you can increase the session capacity and then register participants from the waitlist. Please use the following steps:
  1. To increase the session capacity:
  1. Click Home tab
  2. Click Setup under season name
  3. On Sessions page click session name
  4. Edit Session capacity field with desired capacity
  1. To register participants from a waitlist:
  1. Select season name
  2. Select Sessions tab
  3. Select session
  4. Click number for Waitlist registrations
  5. Click on Participant’s name
  6. Select Register from waitlist in Actions drop-down menu
  7. Select tuition
  8. Select Edit > Manually adjust price to edit tuition amount (Optional)
  9. Select Form questions tab to input registration information (Optional)
  10. Continue to review screen
  11. (Optional) Click Add other discount to apply an internal discount on the order
  12. Select Add a payment to input payment information (Optional)
  13. Click Submit