When a session is full, participants can potentially register for a waitlist. If a spot becomes available in a completely separate session, participants can be transferred into that program from the waitlist in which they are currently enrolled.
To transfer a participant from a waitlist to a different session:
  1. Select season name
  2. Select Sessions tab
  3. Select session
  4. Click number for Waitlist registrations
  5. Select Participant’s name
  6. Select Transfer to another session in Actions drop-down menu
  7. Select session
  8. Select tuition
  9. Select Edit > Manually adjust price to edit tuition amount (Optional)
  10. Select Form questions tab to input additional registration information (Optional)
  11. Continue to review screen
  12. Select Add a payment to input payment information (Optional)
  13. Click Submit
To register a participant from the waitlist to the same session, please see our article: Register Participant from Waitlist After Spots Become Available