Registrants can be transferred to a different session within the same season by:
  1. Enter specific registrant's name into search bar at top
  2. Click desired registrant name
  3. Click appropriate Order number
  4. Click Actions > Transfer
  5. Select new session for registrant​​
  • (Optional) To edit tuition price: Click Edit drop-down menu beside price, select Manually adjust price, Use early price, or Use standard price
  • (Optional) To charge for session transfer: Enter desired dollar amount in Charge a transfer fee field
    • Note: It is not possible to charge more than the amount originally set for the registration
  • (Optional) Click Form questions tab to edit participant information​
  • (Optional) Click Reallocate credit to be held in the family's credit balance to retain credit in participant's account
​     6.  Click Continue to review screen
     7.  Click Submit

To know how Active registration fee changes when transferring, please check Registration Fee Behavior: Transfer

Sometimes a
tuition is set up like a session and will need to be edited instead of transferring to another session: Change Tuition on Existing Registration