When a session is full participants can register for the waitlist. If a spot opens up in the regular session, participants can be registered from the waitlist.

To register participants from a waitlist:


1. Select season name
2. Select Sessions tab
3. Select desired session
4. Click number of Waitlist registrations
5. Click Participant's name 
6. Click Yes on the pop-up Confirmation window 
7. Next to session name, select Register from waitlist in Actions drop-down menu 
8. Select tuition
9. (Optional) Select Edit > Manually adjust price to edit tuition amount
10. (Optional) Select Form questions tab to input registration information
11. Continue to review screen
12. (Optional) Click Add other discount to apply an internal discount on the order
13. (Optional) Select Add a payment to input payment information 

  • Note: If the total amount is not paid off for now and participant wants the remaining balance to be automatically charged in future days, the camp manager needs to add a payment plan to this order, please see Add Payment Plan to an Existing Order

  • Note: If participant wants to pay the balance manually, they can clear the balance from their online account, please see the article Parent Needs to Make a Payment in Online Account

13. Click Submit

To register a participant to a different session from the waitlist, please see our article: Transferring to Another Session from Waitlist