Some registrants may choose to be on an installment plan after registration.

To add a payment plan on an existing order:
  1. Click People tab
  2. Search for and select customer
  3. Click Order to modify
  4. Beneath Make a Payment, click Add Payment plan
  5. (Optional) Check Do not enroll this customer in automatic payments
    • Note: Check the box if you don't have registrant's payment information, or they don't want to be put on auto billing. Registrants can manually pay balance on their online account.
  6. Follow prompts
  7. Click Save
New : When agency users add a payment plan to an existing order (by clicking the order details page > Add payment plan link), if the "Do not enroll this customer in automatic payments" checkbox is checked, then the Payment information and Payer information sections are hidden so that the order can be completed without entering credit card or other payment information: 

User-added image
For additional information about removing a payment plan, use the following article: Remove Payment Plan from an Existing Order