If registrants can pay a deposit at the time of registration, then the remaining tuition must be paid at a later date. They are collected either in one lump sum or spread out over installments on a specific date or dates. 

To begin set up automatic billing: 

  1. From Home page, click Setup under desired season 
  2. Click Deposits and Payment Plans on right
  3. Select radio button for one of the following options: 
  • Customers must pay a deposit of $ ___ of tuitions in order to check out,
  • Customers must pay a deposit of ___ % of session tuitions in order to check out 
  • Customers can check out without making any payment
  • Set different deposit amounts for different sessions (See Session Level Deposits)
    • ​Note: If you select either of the first two, you must enter a numerical amount in the field

To allow customers to pay outstanding balances in several installments:

  1. Under Outstanding balance payment options, select Payment plan(s) with multiple installment dates
  2. Under Payment plans, click Create a payment plan
  3. Select desired number of installments
  4. Set date for when each payment will be collected
  5. (Optional) Set Session applicability
  6. Select Automatic billing option
  • Note: If set to Optional, customers will have a choice whether to agree to be auto-billed. 
  1. Click Save payment plan
To not implement any specific system or schedule for how balances are collected:
  1. Under Outstanding balance payment options, select I will collect the remaining balances myself
  2. Click Save and continue
  • Note: Auto billing takes place at 8AM on the scheduled date of billing. 

If registrant wants to modify their payment plan after registered, system user can do that by removing payment plan from order and re-adding new one, see below: