Adding follow-up forms or supplemental forms to a season allows families to submit required forms and documents through their online account after they have registered online.

Please Click Here to watch the video walk you through the steps of adding a follow-up or supplemental form to a season:

  1. Select Setup under season name
  2. Select Registration forms
  3. Select Add supplemental form
  4. Input Form Name
  5. (Optional) Input Instructions 
  6. Select due date from drop-down
    1. For Specific date input due date
    2. For Relative date input days before this season’s first session start date number
    3. For Session Specific Date select Specified number of days before first applicable session that participant is registered for
  7. Select Participants in select sessions (Optional)
    1. Select Edit
    2. Check sessions whose participants should be included
    3. Save
  8. Check Participants in applicable sessions should be required to submit this item (Optional)
  9. Select form Type
    1. Supplemental document: A document you would like registrants to upload in their online account such as copies of identification, or a form that requires a signature
      1. Upload a template
      2. Select file or Upload new file
      3. Select
    2. Follow-up form: An online form filled out in the online account such as health or insurance details which can be collected after registration
      1. Add Custom question, Subheader, or Text block
  10. Save & continue