On the supplemental forms tab you can view and manage the status of all supplemental forms for all the participants in a season. Camps and Class Manager has a default storage value of 5 years for supplemental forms; meaning that any forms submitted will be stored for visibility for 5 years .
By default, the supplemental forms area lists one row for each follow-up form for each participant. For example, if there are two follow-up forms configured for a season, and there are 100 participants registered in that season, there will be 200 items in the list. Each item can be managed individually and some actions can be performed in batches.
If there are a lot of items in the list, you can use the search box to find just the item(s) you want, or you can filter the grid in the following ways:
  • Filter for specific sessions
  • Filter for specific forms
  • Filter on items' received status
  • Filter on items' reviewed status
In the list you can easily see which forms are electronically on file and/or have been marked as received.  Items that have been electronically uploaded by your customers and have not been reviewed yet will show up in the list in bold, and the number of such items is indicated on the tab header.

Note: You can mark forms as received even if they are not electronically stored in the Camp & Class Manager system.
Note: The Supplemental forms tab will only display if there are forms configured for that season. You can use this article Setting up a Follow-up or Supplemental Form for more information.
Note: You can Downloading Submitted Supplemental Forms for viewing or saving forms.