Once participants complete and upload required supplemental documents you can download their submissions for viewing or saving externally

To download submitted supplemental documents:

  1. Select season name
  2. Select Supplemental forms tab
  3. (Optional) Select Edit next to Sessions to filter by specific sessions 
  4. (Optional) Select specific Form names from drop-down menu
  5. (Optional) Add Filter from Type and Status drop-down menus
  6. Select checkbox next to all participants to include in download
    • ​​Note: Check top box in header to select all participants listed
    • Note: Showing xxx of xxx at upper right corner refers to the number of items loaded in below list
  7. Select Download forms
  • Note: If the button is greyed out, please check the Form Type column, only the type is Supplemental document and Status is Received, the uploaded documents can be downloaded. To download the Follow-up Forms with Completed status, please refer to Download Follow-up Forms Into a PDF File
  • Note: Before downloading forms, please scroll down to the bottom of the list and pay attention to 'Showing xxx of xxx' at upper right corner to make sure all items are fully loaded. For example: 'Showing 100 of 100' means the items in list are fully loaded, 'Showing 60 of 100' means only 60 of 100 items are loaded
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