When a payment fails and the customer is on a payment plan, auto-billing is automatically suspended and ACTIVE will send out automatic email to customer to notify this failed payment. To view a sample of this email, please see Failed Payment Email. Here is how you can correct this and get the customer's payment plan to resume:
  1. From People tab, type customer name into search box at top right
  2. Click desired customer name link
  3. Scroll down and click order link for desired order
  4. Click Enroll in automatic payments
  5. Under Payment information heading, select dropdown box and choose either saved card or New card
  • Note: If the customer did not select for their card to be stored during registration, you'll need to contact the customer to obtain their card details. Customers cannot update this information from their online account, so you must correct it from your end. Once you have put them back on the payment plan, it will resume for the following month, but you must still correct the past due amount that failed. The next steps detail how to do this.
  1. Save
  2. Click Make a payment and choose Custom amount under Payment Amount
  3. Type in amount of missed payment
  4. Select Credit/Debit card for Payment method
  5. Select stored card to use in drop down below or New card
  6. Scroll down and click Submit payment