What is a failed payment and what do I do?

A failed payment occurs when the credit card processor attempted to charge the participant's bank account, but the bank refused payment or the bank was unable to complete the transaction in a specific amount of time (i.e. it timed out).

If a participant registers and his/her payment fails after a long time attempting the charge, the Transaction History will show a failed payment. However, the registration will still go through successfully.

This is by design: if a charge takes a long time to complete, the assumption is made that the charge will eventually be successful (as most are). It also allows registrants to keep their spot in a class or session that may have limited capacity or be sold out quickly.

If this happens, then it is up to your organization how to recover the money. The registrant can either be charged manually, or he/she can log into the online account and pay it. It is also possible to cancel the registration altogether.

Please contact the support team if you have questions about the status of a payment, and we will be happy to help.