For organizations on a flat rate model, fees are calculated as a percent of the total order amount and charged at the time of purchase. Any additional registrations or items added to an existing order will result in an additional fee, charged as a percent of the additional amount only. Organizations can either absorb this fee or pass it on to customers.

For organizations on the Per Registration Model please Click Here for information on how your fees apply.
If seasons are set up with a deposit amount or payment plan, the fee is calculated and deducted off the full price at the time of purchase. No further charges are applied for any payments made towards an order. 

Note: For more information on your registration and processing fee rates, please contact your account manager.
If you don't know who your account manager is, feel free to reach out to support at or call us at 877.692.0111 option 2 if your organization has phone support.

Note:  You can find detailed information in regards to processing fee and registration fee charged on Reconcile payments with Active Account Statement