• According to free products pricing tier, when a participant's order is discounted 100% when created, the minimum of $0.00 is charged in registration fees. Below is helpful information.
    1. Registration orders can be discounted by adding a coupon code or discount that covers the total cost of the order.
    2. If the discounts or coupons codes are removed from the registration, the participant will have a balance but registration fees still won't be charged.
    3. Any registration adjustments will not trigger registration fee charges. The order will still have $0.00 in registration fees.
      • Note: Registration adjustments: 
        1. Transfers
        2. Edit Purchases
        3. Cancellations
        4. Add/Remove discounts or coupon codes
    4. To charge a registration fee the order will have to be canceled and the participant re registered without any discounts.
      • Note: For more information registration fees, click article link Registration and Processing Fees
      • Note: Please contact your Account Manager for your organization's registration fee pricing.