ACTIVE charges a processing fee for each registration. During the initial season setup, you can determine who pays the registration fee. After the season setup is complete, this can still be changed if necessary.

To change who pays the processing fee:
  1. Click User-added image at top right of page
  2. Click Financial Setting on right sidebar
  3. Scroll down to How you accept payment from participants section
  4. Locate Fee for online registrations radio buttons
  5. Select either options:
    • Pass the fee on to participants: the fee will be added to the grand total before a participant submits an online payment
    • I will absorb the fee: the registrant pays just the tuition and add-ons, but the fee will be deducted from your organization's revenue before ACTIVE pays you
  6. Click Save
  • NoteYour organization will absorb the fee on any cash or check payments, as these are not handled directly by ACTIVE. 
  • Note: If your organization is using a custom fee configuration, please Contact Us for details and to make adjustments.