A cancellation fee permits you to deduct money from the refund total. When an amount is entered into the cancellation fee field during the registration cancellation and refund process, that money will be held back in your ACTIVE.com account instead of refunded to the registrant and subsequently paid out to you with the rest of the revenue.
  • Note: If the withheld money should still need to be refunded, then the cancellation fee can be removed, and the refund for that amount will be issued to the same credit card
  • Note: If the original method of payment is cancelled or expired, please see this article: Refunding an Invalid or Expired Card
  1. Click People tab at top
  2. Locate person in list or use search feature at top right
  3. Click person's name from list in blue
  4. Click applicable order number in blue at bottom under Order History
  5. To left of cancellation fee item, click Remove
  6. Verify amount to be refunded in Credit to be refunded field
    • Note: Once a refund has been processed, it is not possible to undo this action
    • Note: On this screen you also have the option to allocate the refund to the credit balance by placing a check in the box marked Reallocate credit to be held in the family's credit balance
  7. Click Submit
    • Note: Credit card refunds take 3-5 business days to appear back on the customer's credit card