When you discover that the card used for a refund is invalid, expired, or otherwise unable to process the refund, here is what you can do:
  1. If you have already issued the refund:
  • Customer's financial institution will receive the refund and issue the customer a paper check if unable to refund it to the card
  • Refund cannot be applied to a different card than the original one used for the transaction
  • If customer owes financial institution money, funds may not be reissued and instead go towards customer's debt
  • If customer has another account with the financial institution, the new account will be credited.
  • Active Network cannot assist once the refund has been processed. The customer must contact their bank.
  1. If you have not yet issued the refund:
  • You cannot issue the refund to another method of payment electronically as the card used cannot be changed
  • You may issue the refund via cash or check from your organization¬†instead