If waitlists become active when session capacity has not been reached, one of the following may have happened: 
  • There is one spot remaining, and one registrant leave the registration form without submitting registration and the registrant who visited the same session later than this registrant will be prompt to register into the waitlist. Then the earlier registered registrant abandoned the registration.  (When a program is selected, the spot is held for 15 minutes. If the registrant leaves the registration form, that spot is still being held and cannot be released until time is up)
  •  When both a tuition capacity and a session capacity is being used. The waitlist will trigger once one of the capacities are reached.
  • Ex: A session has a capacity of 10 and the tuition for the session has a capacity of 5. Once 5 people register the session will be waitlisted because no more than 5 participants can register for the tuition. 
If customers are only able to register for a waitlist, but the session capacity has not yet been reached, the Session Tuition Capacity may need to be adjusted: 
  1. Click Home
  2. Click Setup beneath desired Season
  3. Click Sessions on right sidebar
  4. Select affected Session
  5. Click Edit details next to Session Tuition
  6. Change Tuition Capacity
    • Note: If you would like to allow customers to register without transferring or removing waitlisted registrants, the capacity needs to include (number of people registered) + (number of people on waitlist) + (additional openings)
    • Note: To move waitlisted customers into the program, please see this article: Register Participant from Waitlist After Spots Become Available
  7. Save