An organization may choose to only allow select few customers to register for an event. In this case, a private link may be generated for those customers.

To Generate a Registration Link for an Internal Event:
  1. Create a session (See Creating or Editing a Session)
  2. Update session display setting to Internal Only (See Changing Session Display Settings)
  3. Save and Continue
  4. From the Home page, select Copy Registration URL 
  5. Select season from drop-down
  6. Click Download Links
  7. Open downloaded Excel file
  8. Select Session User-added image from bottom of page
  9. Copy Registration Link for specific session
  10. Paste link to desired location
Note: It is not possible to have the registration form password protected. This means that if the customer chooses to share the link with another customer, they would also be able to register. 
Note: At least one session in the season needs to be Online. If all sessions in the season are set to Internal Only, the individual links will not work.