In many situations an organization may choose to direct their customers to the registration form of a specific season, location, session or session type rather than the general registration form.
  1. Select Copy Registration URL from homepage
  2. Select season from drop-down
  3. Click Download Links
  4. Open downloaded Excel file
  5. Select one of the tabs like Season, Location, Session or Session Type from bottom of page
  6. Copy Registration Link for specific season, location, session or session type
  7. Paste link to desired location
Note: In order for the direct link to work for internal only sessions, there has to be at least one session in the same season that is displayed online. Ex: create a Donation session. 
Note: It is not possible to generate registration links based on any other criteria. Please contact Technical Support ( to submit feature requests if you would like to be able to generate links based on other criteria.
Note: It is also possible to copy the URL of the registration page for an active session from setting up Step2 Session. For more information, please visit Obtain Session Specific Registration Link.