You can include a Register Now button in your email. Clicking the button sends users directly to your online registration form.

1. On email customize page, drag Button box on right side and drop it onto the canvas 
        User-added image
2. (Optional) On right side, select desired fonts from drop-down
  • Notes: Fonts include Arial, Georgia, Times New Roman and Verdana. ​​​​​​
           3. (Optional) Click # field under Text Color to select desired text color 
           4. (Optional) Click # field under Button color to select desired button color 
           5. (Optional) Click # field under Background color to select desired color for button's background
           6. Input button name under Button label (e.g. Register Now) 
           7. Enter registration link under Button link
           8. (Optional) Click Corners icons to customize corner of button to be round or right angle
           9. (Optional) Click Alignment icons to place button as left/right justifying or centered
           10. Click Save and continue
  • Note: You can monitor the number of recipients who register using your email's register button when you track your email. Use this article: Tracking Your Email