A Session Type can be created to specify what type of session your organization is offering. It gives an additional context to what participants are signing up for.

EX: You're offering a variety of Cooking 101 classes, your Session Type's could be, Bake/Sautee/Grill.
EX: You're offering a Basketball Camps for all ages and skills, your Session Type's could be Adult/Boys/Girls.

You can also Follow the steps below to create/edit a Session Type
  1. Click Setup under desired season
  2. Select Sessions (step 2)
  3. Select desired session from Session List
  4. Scroll down to Report and Display Settings
  5. Click drop down menu
  6. (Optional) Click Edit to rename
    • Note: Saved changes will overwrite previous value for all sessions.
  7. Rename and click Save
  8. (Optional) Click Create a New Session Type, enter the session type name
    • Note: Or under Create a New Session Type, select a different Session Type from list.
  9. (Optional) Click Sub-session type drop down, choose Create a new sub-session type, enter a sub-session name of the session-type you configured in step 6-8.
  10. Click Save
  11. Click Save and Continue