Recipient lists allow you to send emails to a group of people specified by registration date, registered session, age, gender, or location.

When choosing to email recipients you can:
Note: To view the total amount of unique email addresses of a recipient list, click Add recipient lists button to select it, the amount will appear under Recipients box
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Note: Imported recipient list cannot be edited but deleted. Follow steps below to delete imported list:
  1. Click Email tab
  2. Click New > New email
  3. Click OK
  4. Click Add recipients lists
  5. Select desired list name 
    • Note: Recipient list name with an exact Recipients number is an imported list, the number represents unique email addresses in imported file
    • Note: Recipient list name in blue hyperlink is dynamic list, click on name will direct to dynamic setup filters
  6. Click Delete
  7. On pop-up window, click Yes
Note: To edit dynamic recipient list, please visit View/Edit Saved Dynamic Recipient List