In order to import email contacts, you must first create a CSV file (Creating a CSV file). The only data that will be pulled from the Excel will be the email address. Any other information will not be pulled.
  1. Click Email tab
  2. Click New and select New email
  3. Click OK
  4. Click Add recipients list
  5. Select Imported list
  6. Click Choose file
  7. Find and select file
    • Note: Maximum file size is 10MB.
  8. Click Open to begin upload.
  9. Compare number of email addresses in your CSV file to the number displayed
    • Note: Addresses not counted may have errors in them. If so, correct errors and upload the corrected version using this article Correcting Errors in a CSV File
  10. Enter a Name for your imported list
    • Note: To save recipients for future use, leave Save this list for future use check box selected
  11. Click Select recipients
Your imported list will be added to the Recipient lists page. The recipients column will display the number of email addresses in your list. If any of your email addresses contained errors, Import failed will display. Correct errors and attempt the import again. Use this article to correct Correcting Errors in a CSV File