Email campaigns can be used as a source for marketing strategies. After an email campaign is delivered, an email bounce report will be available to view.

To create a campaign email:
  1. Select Email tab
  2. Click New and choose New Campaign
  3. Enter Name and optional Description 
  4. Click Add recipient lists
  5. Check box beside desired list and click Select
  6. Click Select template dropdown and choose desired template
    • Note: The template subject will auto-populate in the Subject line
  7. In Schedule Time spaces, enter desired date and time and time zone as shows below
User-added image
  1. Click Save
  2. Click Add new email to add another email to campaign 
    • Note: Up to 20 emails can be created within one campaign. Follow steps 3-8 again to create another email
  3. Click Save campaign 
    • ​​Note: Any email in the campaign can be edited by selecting Edit to the right of the email

For help creating a template, use this article: Creating an Email Template
For help creating a dynamic list, use this article: Creating or Editing a Dynamic Recipient List