The registration form is used to collect personal details and certain permissions from a participant for a particular camp or program. Some questions are required and cannot be removed or edited, as they are necessary to create the online account and establish legal status for waiver signatures. Registration forms contain both parent and participant questions and can contain custom questions that are added manually. As a suggestion, registration forms should not take too long to complete (i.e. a large amount of required questions, or several essay-style questions) as this runs the risk of registrants not completing registration during the allowed time slot. Additional information can always be provided after registration through Setting up a Follow-up or Supplemental Form.

Please Click Here to watch a video walk you through the whole process of creating or editing form questions:

  1. From Home, click Setup under desired season name

  2. Click Registration forms under Settings on the right

  • Note: To quickly view which questions are on the Registration form, click View beside Parent questions or Participant questions.

  • Note: To view how your forms or waivers will appear to registrants, click See a preview from the Registration forms page. Click through the online registration pages to arrive at the registration form with the waivers at the bottom of the screen.

  1. Click Customize registration form
  2. Click Add form element as necessary 
User-added image
  • ​​Note: To change the order questions show in, place cursor over the question, click, hold and drag up or down.
  • Note: For help creating custom questions, follow these steps: Creating Custom Questions​
  1. Click Save and continue upon completion

Note: Custom questions from custom questions library can also be added into the registration form, which saves a lot of times to create new questions if same information need to be collected. But, if any modifications on the custom question are made, it will also change the registration forms of other seasons if the same custom question from custom questions library is used. Thus, it is recommended to create a brand new custom question instead of editing the existing custom question from custom questions library if you don't want to affect other seasons' registration form questions.

Note: To add electronic waivers to the registration form, follow these steps: Add Waiver.