The registration form report allows us to generate a PDF of a participant's registration information. Click Here for instructions on downloading the registration form report for all customers in a season.

To generate a registration form report for a single customer:
  1. Search and select customer's name
  2. Click View next to season name
  3. Select Run reg form report
  4. Select desired sessions
  5. Select what to Include in report
    • Registration form questions: Includes participant information and answers to registration form questions
    • Supplemental forms: Includes time stamp of when form was completed or received as well as answers to follow-up form questions
    • Waivers: Includes waiver content as well as when waiver was signed and who signed it
    • Authorized pickup: Includes authorized persons' names and home phone numbers
  6. Click Download report
Note: All reports include session information, tuition and session option selections, as well as registration date and balance