At this time, we offer a limited library of commonly-asked parent/guardian questions on:

  • name(Required)
  • email address(Required)
  • date of birth(Required)
  • address(Optional)
  • phone numbers(Optional)
  • gender(Optional)

If the participant is a child under 18 years, we require the primary parent/guardian's Name, Email Address and Date of Birth. You can delete or edit any of the other questions from the form if you wish to do so.

  1. Click Setup beneath desired Season
  2. Click Registration Forms on right sidebar
  3. Click Customize registration form 
  4. Under Primary Parent/Guardian Questions, select question and click Edit
  5. Make any necessary modifications  
  6. Add Secondary Parent/Guardian(optional) 
                 Same set of questions to primary adult will be asked to a secondary parent.
  1. Click Save