Dropdown questions allow registrants to choose one answer from a list of options. In order to create a dropdown question:

  1. Start on Home page
  2. Click Setup under desired season
  3. Click Registration forms on right
  4. Click Customize registration form
  5. Click Add form element drop-down
  6. Select Custom question
  7. Enter question into Question field
  8. Click Question type drop-down
  9. Select Multiple choice - choose one
  10. Click Dropdown bubble
  11. Enter answer choices into Choices fields
  12. (Optional) Enter instructions into Instructional text field
  13. (Optional) Select Require a response to make question mandatory
  14. (Optional) Select Do not auto-fill this question to ensure future registrations for same client will not auto-populate this question with provided answer
  15. Click Save and add another
  16. Click Apply