Internal Discounts can be added to an order either at the time it is placed through the management system, or after the fact on an existing order.

Discounts that can be applied to registrations are maintained in your discount library, which can be managed at the Discounts step of the season setup process.

*Note that although your internal discount library is managed within the context of the season setup process for a specific season, that the contents of this library are the same across seasons.

Once discounts are created, you can select which discount from your discount library you would like to apply and in what amount.

Each discount has a default amount that will pre-populate as a suggestion, but you can always apply any discount in any amount, in each individual instance in which you apply it.

Internal Discounts will apply according to the following criteria:
A) If the order includes one session:
A discount will apply to the tuition on that order after all other discounts have taken effect up to the total amount that is eligible for a discount of the tuition for that session. Note that the amount eligible for discount is calcluated after all other discounts have been taken into consideration; session options are never discounted.

B) If the order includes more than one session:
A discount will apply first to the most expensive order in the registration (after other discounts have been evaluated). If the amount of the discount exceeds the session price, then the remainder of the discount amount will be passed to the next most expensive registration, and so on, until either the full discount amount has been used, or there is no cost remaining to discount.

Removing a discount from an order is done on a session by session basis, and has no effect on the discount applied to other sessions in the order.

Internal Discounts are tracked via an Internal Discount report.