​Payment plan schedules are used to create one or more installments to break up the cost of registration. This allows families to pay a portion of the fee up front, and subsequent installment payments later.

Organization users can now configure payment plans to apply to all sessions or to only selected sessions. This gives organizations an opportunity to create flexible payment dates for sessions that start later in the season.

To Create a Session Specific Payment Plan:​
  1. From Home page, click Setup under desired season 
  2. Select 3. Deposits and payment plans
    • ​​Note: Make sure you have one of the Initial deposit payment amount option selected
  3. Under Outstanding balance payment options, select Payment plan(s) with multiple installment dates
  4. Click Create a payment plan button
  5. Enter required information:
    • Installments
    • Installment due dates
    • Automatic billing option
  6. Select Selected sessions for Session applicability
  7. Select desired sessions
  8. Save payment plan
Note: Session specific payment plans will show Selected sessions under Session applicability. Payment plans that apply to all sessions will show All sessions.