Before you activate your season, preview the registration form. Preview shows you what your customers will see and can be used to audit your season. 


  • Recent changes to the season may take up to five minutes to appear in the preview
  • Registrations in preview mode will not be processed and therefore will not provide a confirmation email, or allow you to sign into an online account to view supplemental forms
  • Registrations completed in preview mode will not be stored in the database
  • Registration close date cannot be in the past, otherwise, session won't appear in preview
  • Capacity settings do not apply in preview mode   
  • All system accepted payment methods and credit cards will display in preview mode. Your specific accepted online payment methods and credit card types will appear on your registration link  
  • A dummy email address can be used to test the whole process of registration, no need to create an account or input valid email address

To preview your registration form:

  1. Select Setup under season name
  2. Select See a preview in upper right corner
User-added image

Note: If it says there are no programs, please refer to Classes Not Appearing Online