To offer registrants with a group of sessions to register at one go, you may use session groups.

The following is how to create/edit a session group:

Note: To access session groups, the feature of session group must be enabled. Please contact support team or your account manager for help. 
  1. From Home page, enter a season Setup > Session groups
  2. Click New group or an existing Group name
  3. In Basic information, enter or edit Session group name and Description
  4. Click Add session button to add a session into the session group
  • Note: if a session has already been added to another session group, it cannot be added into this group. The session group column indicates to which session group a session belongs.
  1. (Optional) Remove a session from this group by clicking Remove session button
  2. (Optional) Re-order sessions in the session group by clicking the icons  
Note: The following is how to add/edit a tuition in a session under a session group.
  1. (Optional) Add tuitions into a session by clicking Add tuition
  1. (Optional) Reorder tuitions by clicking Reorder tuitions
  • Note: Tuitions can only be reordered within a session instead of across sessions under the session group.
  1. (Optional) Remove a tuition from the session group by selecting the check box next to the tuition and clicking Remove tuition 
  2. Click Save and continue