If groups have been created in the database, participants can directly register for them.

To enable group registration:
  1. From Home tab, click Sessions beneath desired season
  2. Select Group Assignments tab
  3. Click Assignment
    • Note: This could be bunk, cabin, skill, etc. 
    • Note: Please ensure the desired sessions are selected before setup group registration feature. 
    • User-added image
  4. Click blue Manage Group Registration button 
  5. Select group control type
  6. Enter Max number of groups
  7. Under Online registrants must, select desired option
    • Join an existing group: groups must be made internally, registrants will select the group
    • Create or join a group: registrant can create a new group or join an existing group 
      • Note: Passwords can only be created if Create or join a group is selected
  8. Click Save