To set up deposit and payment plans, please follow below steps: 
  1. From home page, click Setup under desired Season
  2. Click Deposits and payment plans from right side
  3. Choose Deposit amount for initial payment amount
    • Note: If "Customers must pay in full in order to check out" is selected, Payment plans section won't appear. If any of other options is selected, Payment plans section will show up for further setup
    • Note: To configure payment plan only apply to selected sessions, please refer to Session Specific Payment Plans
  4. Click Create a payment plan
  5. Set up Installments details, click Save payment plan
  • Note: If you set Automatic billing option to Required,  then your customers will have to agree to be auto-billed for all installments in order to complete their check out. If you want to give them the option to pay on their own through their online account, or maybe mail in paper checks, you can leave that as optional.
  • Note: If you check Internal only box, the payment plan will only show to you internally and your customers will not have the option to sign up for it themselves when registering online. An example where you might want to do this would be an option to spread payments out over a longer period of time that you want to offer to some families but not offer publicly.
  • Note: If you create multiple payment plans, only the payment plan with the most valid installments will be shown. If the two payment plans have the same amount of valid installments, only the latest created payment plan will show up.
  • Note: You can set a payment plan to include two to twelve installments, each on dates you choose. The way this will work for your customers is that at the time their order is put on a payment plan, the total unpaid balance of the order will be divided up evenly by the number of remaining payments.
  • Note: Registrants can view payment schedule after choosing a payment plan.
  1. (Optional) Click New to create new installment options if needed
  2. Click Save and continue
Please Click Here to see how to assign deposits and Click Here to watch a video walk through the payment plan setup process.