You can create, edit, and delete general ledger codes in the Account settings area.
  1. From anywhere in database, click Account in upper right corner
  2. In Settings menu on right, click GL codes
  3. Click Add new GL code button 
  • Note: Each time you click the button, a new row will open in the grid below for a new code
  • Note: If no codes are created, click Create GL codes to begin
  1. Enter name and code for each GL code
  • Note: Neither the name nor the code will be seen by your customers
  1. To edit existing code, click field to modify and enter changes
  2. To delete code, click Delete on right of row
  • Note: A pop-up will warn you that if you delete the code, that all items associated with that code will be reverted to an unassigned status
  1. When finished, click Save