Note: This article is applicable to system standard "included t-shirt" template only. If T-shirts in your event are not created with system "included t-shirt" template, please change T-shirt size by following steps outlined at Swap or Change Purchased Items of Participants

Note: T-shirt size and other included items can only be modified by event director in Admin User Interface. Participants are not able to modify in their MyEvents portal. 

Below are instructions to modify items included with registration:
  1. From Organization Dashboard (HOME), click event name under Your events
  2. Click Participants
  3. Search and click participant name
  4. Click Modify T-shirts and other included items under Actions on right
User-added image
  • Note: If no included items exist, no action may be taken on the subsequent screen
  1. Choose new item or size, click Next to complete the process​
  • Note: If price differences occur, you will be prompted to refund or make a payment to complete transaction on the next screen.