Custom widgets are available to TeamPages Pro or Allstar users. If you are using a team website with the free TeamPages Basic package, you will not have access to these features. 

You can create custom widgets from your settings area. 


Choose from the options provided. If you choose to display the widget without the container, no header and title will appear on the site.  Remove the extra padding to force the widget to take up the full width of the column where it is placed. There is also an text editor provided to help you create your widget. 


If you are trying to embed a widget from an another entity, choose 'other entity's widget' and follow the form provided. If you want to add a Facebook or Twitter feed please see our article Embed Facebook or Twitter Feeds

To upload an image, follow these steps:

1. Click the image button in the editor.


2. In the pop-up window, choose the 'Upload' tab and choose an image file.  Once chosen, click 'Send it to the Server'.


3. When the server is done processing your image, you will be directed back to the 'Image Info' tab.  Here you can edit the size of your image.


4. If you would like your image to link somewhere, you can set up the link under the 'Link' tab.


 5. Click save to input your image into you page


To edit an image you have already added, select the image and click the image icon in the page editor.


To view the source code of the page (HTML & CSS), click the source button.  It is also helpful to use the expanded editor when editing your custom widget.  Click on the icon again to close the expanded editor.


Once you have created your widget, you need to toggle it on in the widget settings area.  You can edit your widget by clicking 'edit'.  Custom widgets can be dragged and dropped around the page just like regular widgets.