Upgrading to Pro has significant advantages:

  • Ad free website
  • Unlimited team text messaging
  • Unlimited custom pages
  • Upload an unlimited amount of photos and documents
  • Add custom widgets like Facebook and Twitter feeds
  • Display your team sponsors 
  • Add custom banners and backgrounds
  • Use Custom domain to your TeamPages website
Note: Custom domain can be purchased through TeamPages Domain Hosting or any other domain provider
Here are steps on how to upgrade your free/basic TeamPage to any of our Pro packages:
  1. Make sure to double check the Profile Info under your personal TeamPages Settings. It is important that we should have the First Name and Last name Field filled up. Most of the time we usually have the name or the client or the name of the Team. 
User-added image
  • Note: If we happen to have the Team Name set on the First Name field, we do recommend to somehow split it and put a part of it on Last Name field (you can put the words 'Skii Club' or even just 'Club' as long as you have the Last Name Field covered
  1. Once you have verified that your Profile Info has the First and Last Name section filled up, you can now click Teams at top right side to select your Team page. 
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  1. On your team page, click Settings at right side of the navigation bar, and you'll find the Upgrade option
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  1. Follow the secure check-out process.
Note: The checkout widget can't be displayed under a custom domain if you'd like to upgrade your site. If you have issues upgrading to Pro, you can contact TeamPages support at TeamPagesSupport@ACTIVENetwork.com to get assistance.  

Note:  We used to offer three packages at the team subscription level: Basic, Pro, and All-star. We are now only offering two packages, Basic (free) and Pro. Our Pro package includes all the features of the old All-star package.

Note: TeamPages does not send invoice for subscription renewal. You can upgrade or cancel your subscription at anytime. After it is renewed successfully, you can reach out to TeamPages support at TeamPagesSupport@ACTIVENetwork.com to get the payment receipt.