1. Why does my site look different?
To provide a better experience for your administrators, athletes and families, we’ve completely revamped eTeamz to make it more modern and up-to-date. 
2. How do I log on?
You can still use the same email and password you always have, and can login through your site or at www.teampages.com/login and then click "Passport Login".
3. Is my login information the same as eTeamz?
Yes, your login information remains the same. 
4. What if I can’t login or don’t remember my username/password?
From the login page, click "Passport Login" and then "Forgot Your Password". If that doesn’t work, our customer support team will be happy to help: teampagessupport@activenetwork.com.
5. Can I move things around?  How?
When logged in as an administrator, you can now drag-and-drop elements of your home page around. If you’d like to make changes to the menu, go to the menu and navigation section of your settings area. From there you’ll be able to add or remove pages, group them into categories or re-arrange their order.
6. Stuff is missing.  Where is it?
The vast majority of your information and content will be available on your site. From previous season information to current news and photos, it’s all organized on your new site. If you can’t find something, we encourage you to reach out to our support team who will walk you through how to find it, or work with you to locate it.
7. Do I have access to my old site?
No, however if for some reason you are missing something, our support team will be happy to help you recover it.
8. Who can I contact for help?
Our friendly support team is available 16 hours a day, 7 days a week through the help portal: help.teampages.com or by email: teampagessupport@activenetwork.com.
9. Does my subscription carry over?
Yes, your renewal date will remain the same, however your subscription has been simplified (see pricing below for details).
10. What if I want to upgrade?
If you were an eTeamz Plus customer, you’re already getting our premium package at a discounted price, so there’s nothing to upgrade!
If you’ve been a basic/free eTeamz customer and would like to upgrade your site, you can do so by logging in and visiting your subscription details page in the league/association settings area. 
11. How much does this cost?
We’ve simplified our pricing for our eTeamz customers and in many cases made it more affordable! As part of your subscription, you’ll get access to our premium features for a flat rate based on your organization type:
Team: $79.95
League: $149
Association: $249