You can archive or delete a TeamPage (a single team site) that is no longer being used or has been accidentally created by referring to steps below: 

  1.  Log in to TeamPages with Existing ACTIVE Passport Account with your admin email
  2. Click TEAMS at top right corner, select and click on the teampage name under TEAMS
  3. Click SETTINGS at right side of the page
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  1. Click Delete TeamPage under Account Management at left side of the page
  • Note: Delete TeamPage option is only available for single team sites, not available for the multiple teams (clubs, leagues, organizations, schools) sites. The multiple teams sites can only be disabled by support team in the back end system. 
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  1. Click Archive Team if you want to hide the team, click Delete Team if you want the team to be deleted permanently User-added image

Deleting your TeamPages website will not delete your TeamPages user profile or any of your member's user profiles. If you would like to leave TeamPages, you can Deactivate Your Account in your personal settings area.