Once you have created your form (see our article on Creating a Form for more info), you have the option to set up payments. 

Payment Setup

To collect online payments, you need to have a registered account with PayPal. Teampages charges a 1 - 2% per transaction fee on top of your PayPal or Stripe fees depending on your TeamPages package.

If you do not have an account with these providers, you can collect payments offline (members can pay you in person via cash or cheque or any other arrangement you specify).

Connect with your payment method account. The connection process will take you to the PayPal website before returning to TeamPages. If your connection is successful, you will see a checkbox with your account email here.  You can add more than one account if needed.



Payment Settings

(you will only see this step if you are using your form to collect payments)

You have two options when it comes to collecting payments with your form:

A single payment amount is straight forward - no matter what  the user enters in the form, they will owe the specified amount at checkout.

Payment based on form results allows you to charge different amounts based on what the user enters in the form.  For example, you can have a drop down menu that lists all the divisions in your league and charge a different amount for each option.

Toggle on a form field by using the checkbox.  Enter the amounts for each option on the right.  

TeamPages is now supporting the ability to offer payment plans to your members.  You can read more about this feature in our article on payment plans. Please contact your account manager in order to set this up.  You must have a PayPal PRO account.