TeamPages is now supporting the ability to offer payment plans to your members. Please contact your account manager in order to set this up.  You need to have a TeamPages All-Star account and a PayPal PRO account.

PayPal PRO:

How much does it cost?

  • Normally PayPal PRO costs $30 per month and involves set-up fees, but we have teamed up with PayPal to waive these costs for all TeamPages clients.
  • 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction
  • Discounts available for large volume customers and non-profits. No hidden fees or surcharges.

What's included in PayPal Payments PRO?

  • Keep your buyer on your site through checkout
  • Optimized mobile checkout experience
  • Accept PayPal payments
  • Accept credit and debit cards including multi-currency processing
  • Accept PayPal payments in 23 currencies from 203 countries and markets
  • Accept PayPal Credit payments (U.S. only)
  • Payment Gateway
  • Options to simplify PCI compliance
  • Virtual Terminal to accept phone payments

Payment Set-up

Once you have payment plans enabled, you need to connect with your PayPal PRO account on step 2 of the form wizard.  If you are using TeamPages classic, your form wizard will look a bit different than the one below.  We encourage you to check out the themes section in your settings area and try one of our new mobile responsive themes. 

Payment Settings

On step three of the form wizard, you will see the option to add a payment plan.

Fill out the payment plan form using the options provided.  For help with this section, use the ‘more info’ links on the left hand side.

You can offer multiple payment plans on your form. Add all the plans you want to offer and check the box to the left to enable them.

You also have the option to allow payment in full.

If you are collecting payments based on form results, you have the option to exclude form fields from payment plans.  By selecting this option, you force the user to pay for that field at the checkout, and it will not be included in the payment plan calculation.


You are collecting $300 in league fees and you are offering a payment plan of $100/month for 3 months.  You are also collecting a $60 uniform fee, but you want to collect that fee upfront so you can order the uniforms.  Simply exclude the uniform field from the payment plans.  Your users will pay $60 at checkout and $100/month for the next three months. If you do not exclude the uniform field, your users will pay $0 at the checkout and $120/month for three months.


When users complete your form, they will see the following options at checkout:

Users can select the payment plan they wish to use from the list before filling out their credit card information. With PayPal PRO, your users stay on your website through the entire payment process - they will not be taken to the PayPal website.

If a credit card expires before all the recurring payments are collected, your customers will receive an email prompting them to update their information.


You can view your form results by clicking on the ‘results’ button in the form manager.

For general assistance with forms, please check out our article on Creating a Form and our article on Collecting Payments.