On your profile page, you will have a Calendar Menu.  This enables you to see the events, games, meetings of only the teams and organization that you are a part of. You will also have a Subscribe button that gives you the option to sync your personal calendar to another service such as iCal (see Calendar Subscription for more details). Your personal calendar is only visible by you. 

Note: The Calendar Sync feature is only available for Pro account, not in Free/Basic accounts

For you to have this capability, you will need to have a TeamPages profile account and you need to be on the Roster of the Organization/Club/League/Team.

Your personal Calendar will look like this: 

User-added image

Every event you're connected to will be automatically be placed on your personal calendar. 

Now you know: If you're a team manager, be sure that you post events it in your Team Calendar so everyone can see them. Any Event that was created on your Personal Calendar will not appear on the Team's Calendar.