Coaches often track the same stats from one team to another. They also track the stats to see how the players perform. The stats will vary depending on the sport set for the organization. You can put a check on the boxes of the stats that you wanted to track or uncheck the box of the stats that you don't want to track. Make sure to click Save after the changes. 

Example for an Team that plays Baseball. You will set the stats that you want to track for your Team.

1. Go to Team Settings.
2. Go to Statistics.
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After setting the stats that you want to track, you can now go to your Calendar and update the score and stats for that particular game. 

1. Go to Calendar.
2. Click the Event/Game that you wanted to update the Score and the Stats. 
3. Click Edit.
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4. Edit the Game Summary by putting the score manually.
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5. Edit the Individual Stats
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6. Click Save.

The Stats the you updated will appear on the Statistics section.

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