If you would like to register for an endurance event as an individual and create or join a team follow the steps below:
  • Note: The ability to create or join a self-registration team must be enabled for the event or category/price type that you are signed up for
  1. Open event registration link
  2. Select registration category/price type
  3. Click Continue
  4. Select Myself
    • Note: The option to create a team is only available when you are registering for yourself. If you are registering for someone else, you can only put this person on a team
  5. Fill in Participant Information
  6. Under Team Information, select your team participation rule:
User-added image
  1. If you selected Create a Team, fill in Team name (required), Team description (optional) and privacy (optional)User-added image
  2. If you selected Join a team, enter team name > Click SEARCH > Click team name to join from search result, and fill in team password if required
  • Note: Please do not leave any space before/after team name you filled; If you cannot locate team with searching full team name, please try to search with key words(for example: team name is tough&mudder, try to search with tough or mudder); Team names can be similar, so please ensure you select the correct team by checking the captain's name.
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  1. Complete other form questions and waivers as normal
  2. Continue registration until payments are successful