Program Coordinators can move teams from one flight to another as long as they are in the same Program. As a Program Coordinator, you can complete this task by following the directions below:

Note: Teams cannot be moved to a new program or championship year. Linkteam can only help move players from one team to another. If players need to be moved to a new team please email Linkteam at
  1. Login to TennisLink
  3. Under My Options, click Programs
  4. Search Programs using filters: 
    • Section
    • District
    • Area
    • Championship Year
    • Type Status
  5. Click Go
  6. Under Type, select Jr or Adult next to your program
  7. Under Administration, select Move Teams
  8. On the left, select desired Division and Flight
  9. On the right, select current Division and Flight
  10. Click blue arrow ( <-- ) next to Team you want to move
  11. Click OK